Region: East Africa and Southern Africa

People: Frank (Kathleen) Greer

Please help us rescue Foursquare churches in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Some have already been closed and others face expensive renovations imposed by new government regulations.

  • Kimironko church (national headquarters church) remains open but the government now requires soundproofing the building, paved parking, and an increase in the number of toilets. Cost for the renovations is $13,500 (USD) and the renovations are needed immediately to keep the church open and serving over 800 people who attended services here.
  • Caculiro church serves around 180 people and has been closed by the government until they can build a new building. Cost is $35,000 (USD) and members are discouraged but praying for God’s intervention so they can reopen and worship in a new building.
  • Kabuga church met in a rented house that was closed by the government. The City of Kigali has ordered the church to own a building in order to worship together. Cost will be $45,000 (USD) and members are praying for a miracle.
  • Additional closures may take place in other parts of Rwanda. The cost of renovating churches outside the City of Kigali average $3,000-$4,000. The cost of new construction outside the city range between $20-25,000.
  • Volunteer teams would also be a blessing to churches trying to meet government regulations and keep their churches open.