Name: Mike and Bee Arter
Passion: Reaching Orphans
Country: Thailand
Region: Southeast Asia

Mike and Bee are serving the Lord as FMI missionaries in Maesot.

The Arters oversee the Grace House, a safe house for girls at high risk of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Most of the girls are from homes where the mothers have committed suicide, fathers are on drugs, and some are left to be raised by their grandparents who are gone to the city to sell vegetables for days at a time. Human trafficking is rampant in the hill tribes as there is no one to protect the children. They currently serve 12 girls.

Mike and Bee also have an English home ministry serving some 140 students who want to learn to speak English. This ministry has opened the door in many ways to reach young children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They plan to open a learning center recognized by the Thai government.

Mike served in both the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and the Michigan Army National Guard for over six years before enlisting Active Duty Army for another six years. Upon completion of his service, he attended LIFE East Bible college then transferred to finish his bachelor’s degree at Life Pacific College. Two weeks after graduating in December 2006, Mike was on the mission field in Thailand where he has served ever since. Mike and Bee met in Fall 2007 and were married May 2008.

The Arters have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful son and together serve in Maesot, Thailand. Mike teaches at the Thailand Foursquare Bible Training Center with seven professors teaching Foursquare beliefs, evangelism, the Life of Christ and much more to prepare students and send them out for ministry.

Mike – April 9
Bee – January 16
Beam – March 28
Faith – April 9
Big Mac – February 6

May 5

Prayer Requests
1. Pray for protection for the Arter family both physically and spiritually.

2. Pray for the political situation in Thailand. There has been political fighting for the past six years. Thailand is currently under military rule since the coup in February 2014. We are safe, but please keep Bee’s family in your prayers as they live in Bangkok selling food on the streets. The political situation has greatly affected their business.

3. Pray for opportunities and open doors to share the power and love of Jesus Christ. Currently 95% are Buddhists, 3% are Christian, and 2% are Muslim.

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