Name: Jim and Cecilia Birch
Country: Peru
Region: Central and South America

Jim and Cecilia are serving the Lord in Peru.

Their goal is to assist the national leader to raise and train servant leaders to plant churches, that will be fruitful long after they are gone. Jim and C’Cie are working to encourage, strengthen, and multiply the Foursquare pastors and churches of Peru. Part of this process is facilitating teams from the USA.
Jim & C’Cie celebrate more than 30 years of marriage and have 4 adult children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that they love and are very proud of (and have plenty of photos to show you).
 In 2019, the target city/church is in Trujillo. Trujillo is 9 hours north of Lima. They will continue to travel to Lima and the other churches with teams and for other events. In Trujillo the church also supports a youth soccer outreach and children’s outreach in an outlying neighborhood.
Thank you for prayerfully entering into partnership with the work in Perú.

Jim – September 25
Cecilia – May 23

September 3