Name: Bill and Debbie Boling
Passion: Leadership Development
Project: Tierra El Shaddai Ministry Center
Country: Costa Rica
Region: Central and South America

Bill and Debbie Boling, assistant pastors sent from Modesto Foursquare Church, are now serving the Lord in Costa Rica.

The Bolings teach in Bible institutes and assist with a national church plant. They are helping build a ministry center that will reach the local as well as the international community. They plan to serve along with the national church in Costa Rica to train leaders who come from other countries, and send out laborers both nationally and internationally.

They also pastor a group of English speaking Christians who live in the area. Another area of ministry for Bill and Debbie is working with Seeds of Hope, a ministry in Costa Rica helping young girls escape the bondage of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Bill – August 10
Debbie – May 21

August 10