Name: Karen Grubbs
Passion: Leadership Development
Country: South Sudan
Region: East Africa and Southern Africa

Karen will serve the Lord in South Sudan, East Africa.

Her ministry plan includes leadership and discipleship in the church that will lead to planting more churches, plus developing children’s leaders for the church and school discipleship programs.

The goal is to equip the people of South Sudan to lead and establish a healthy growing spirit-filled church, which will last under their leadership for generations to come.

March 22

Prayer Requests

  • Foursquare leaders and the development of the Foursquare Church in South Sudan.
  • Karen’s health as there are many adjustments with food, water, insects, and sanitation.
  • God’s protection from evil intent, travel on planes and roads.
  • Wisdom and discernment with clear communication in a cross-cultural setting.
  • To hear God’s voice for every situation where God’s places Karen.