Name: Steve and Brooke Highlander
Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: South Pacific

Steve and Brooke Highlander have been living and working in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, since 2014. They recently redeployed as FMI missionaries.

Their vision is to support the National Foursquare Church of PNG by raising up a new generation of leaders and providing support services for them to be effective in their ministries.

The Highlanders are managing several projects for Foursquare.
  • They are tasked with establishing a national office and managing communications for the National Council which has 2000 churches.
  • They are also managing the new Mobile Printing Project for Foursquare Missions Press. The new printer/binder will produce everything from tracts and training manuals to bound books in many of the 830 languages in PNG.
  • The Children’s Gospel Box Program has enlisted them to re-establish and facilitate that program in PNG in 2017.
  • Evangelism, discipleship and leadership training are key focuses of their ministry as well. They continue to work in local churches, villages and settlements. They teach in five Foursquare Bible Colleges, create curriculum and speak at leadership conferences and seminars. They are establishing a Bible Correspondence School so pastors and emerging leaders can have access to continuing education.

Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a major ministry focus for Brooke, who is an Applied Psychologist with a doctorate in Christian Counseling. She counsels survivors and trains counselors to deal with trauma from a biblical perspective. Steve and Brooke are both certified Christian Counselors. The couple spent 18 months ministering to survivors of GBV in 2014-2015.


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Steve – September 17
Brooke – August 3

February 14

“THANK YOU for your prayer and support. We cannot fulfill what God has called us too without a dedicated prayer and support team to stand beside us. You DO make a difference in world missions.”