Name: Nicole Malloy
Country: Philippines
Region: Southeast Asia

Nicole will serve the Lord in Almeria, Biliran.

Her ministry involvement will include mentoring youth, and leading Bible studies for adults and children.

Nicole Says
“Hearing God’s call to go to the nations is a privilege and honor. I heard God instruct me to Go the Philippines. However I did not see an unreached nation. I saw a nation in love with the Lord but not in close relationship with their Creator. I recognized this from my many years of joyfully believing in my creator but not really knowing how to hear from Him. My heart now beats for God’s will for His people that they would know His voice and follow Him.”

Mission Statement
To educate a people with Gods word so they may have an intimate, fruitful relationship as they learn to follow Jesus.

Ministry Approach
We will continue our outreach with the families attending the Compassion International school. We will anticipate additional school invitations for Bible teachings. The Youth eagerly await discipleship training and long to evangelize in the community. As the Lord directs we will prayerfully be seeking the Lord with local mission outreaches.

We will focus on seeing discipleship multiply within the local families; equipping them to reach the villages and continue into the ends of the earth.

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