Name: Joel and Keturah Mayer
Country: Estonia
Region: Europe

Joel and Keturah are serving the Lord as FMI missionaries in Tallinn.                   

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Mailing Address
Joel and Keturah Mayer
Kopli 77-19, 11713 Tallinn, Estonia

Through centuries of occupation, oppression, and external religious coercion, Estonia frosted over into a spiritual and economic winter. The last 20 years have brought substantial political freedom and economic growth, yet the spiritual frost remains.

Our dream is to see this innovative and diligent people (who incidentally made the world smaller through the invention of Skype) come to peace with God through faith in Christ, one day making their own contribution to the Great Commission.

    • We will focus on innovating new and relevant approaches to church planting in a post-Christian urban setting.
    • We will support the initiatives of Serve the City in Tallinn, Estonia, which provides volunteers to service agencies already meeting the needs of the poor and disabled and living out Christian principles in a strongly atheist society.
    • We will help establish a core team of church planters who will be trained and prepared to plant Foursquare churches and ministries in the capitol city of Tallinn.

Personal – Keturah
Born: Rhinelander, WI
Interests: reading, photography, biking, cross-country skiing, the ocean, travel and spending time with my family.

Call To Missions: Keturah first fell in love with missions on a trip to Guatemala in summer of her junior year. In 2001, she went on a missions trip to Sri Lanka. She felt that whether she served in a full-time capacity or just short-term that missions would be a part of her life.

In 2006, she and Joel went on a prayer journey to Southeast Asia. In 2008, they served at an orphanage in Ethiopia. About a year after Ethiopia, both she and Joel felt God speaking to them about pursuing missions work, though the timing wasn’t clear.

Then in October 2010, they felt God say it was time to start pursuing this dream. Through a series of events and listening to the Lord, they discovered that Estonia was where they would engage in ministry. In the summer of 2011, they went on a discovery trip to Estonia. The moment they landed and got off the plane, they fell in love with the people and the country of Estonia. They believe this is just the beginning of a journey to share the Gospel with not only Estonia, but the people of Europe.

Personal – Joel
Born: Omaha, NE
Interests: technology, volleyball, recording, producing, and performing music, traveling, and spending time with my family.

Call to Missions: “And this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come,” (Matthew 24:14).

At a young age, Joel felt he would follow in his father’s footsteps as a pastor. During the Perspectives course, it became clear that the Body of Christ, the church, plays a significant part in the timing of the second coming of Christ, and so his interest in missions was born.

Since then his passion for the lost has taken him prayer-walking through rural towns and urban cities in Southeast Asia, ministering in the Philippines, engaging orphans in Ethiopia, support efforts at the multi-ethnic Light of the Nations church in Denver, CO and serving the city in Tallinn, Estonia.

Joel – October 11
Keturah – May 17
Atlee – January 24
Asher and Lars October 16

Anniversary – May 15

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the fledgling church in Estonia to grow.
2. Pray for us to build relationships that will allow for spiritual conversations.
3. Pray for God to place us where can best use our gifts