Name: Anna Marie Mazzone
Country: Germany
Region: Europe

Anna Marie is serving the Lord as an FMI missionary in Bielefeld, working with youth, refugees and street evangelism.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Anna Marie says she misses her family and friends, and the ocean and mountains of her home town. She loves to hike, smell the forest and sail on open water.

In her new home, Germany, she says she loves the people and learning a new culture and having lots of adventures. When the people are at work, they work hard, she says. When they are off, they typically don´t take their work home with them. It is normal for families to eat together daily and sit at the table, sharing their day.

Anna Marie says public transportation in Germany is awesome. She can get around most anywhere without really needing a car. In general, people are active and outside much of the time. The kids play outside, people walk to the grocery store or bicycle to work, etc. In the city center, cafes are filled with people sitting outside, enjoying the weather and the company of other people. The people in Germany are community oriented.

Anna Marie feels privileged to work with street addicts and alcoholics, leading a team that weekly brings coffee and sandwiches to the people. They share the Gospel, pray for people, listen and offer support and practical help when the people are ready to get out of the drug scene. She also works with the youth, particularly the teenagers and young adults within the church.

The church where she serves is in a transitional period and building a new program, with the focus on discipleship and connecting with spiritual fathers and mothers in the church. As part of the leadership team, Anna Marie oversees the local outreach ministries. This includes working with refugee families from Syria, North Africa, Iran and other middle eastern countries.

She leads the German-speaking Alpha Course for new believers and “Let´s Talk,” a ministry of sharing biblical truths about difficult questions like: “If God is good, why does he allow suffering?” and, “Do all religions lead to heaven?” Anna Marie enjoys preaching and teaching in church, street evangelism and outreach events, and one on one or small group discipleship. These privileges stir up the fire and passion in her.

Sept. 13

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for God´s fire and passion to ignite in the teens and youth and that the ministry would grow.

2. Please pray for God´s blessing and hand upon the team that ministers to addicts every week, and the team that ministers to refugee families every week.

3. Please pray for healing and deeper discipleship and authentic relationships within the church, for Anna Marie and also for others in the church.

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