Name: Brett and Tammy Toft
Passions: Church Planting, Leadership Development
Region: Europe

Brett and Tammy are serving the Lord as FMI missionaries for the Scandinavian and Baltic nations.       

The Tofts established The River Foursquare Church in Fort Collins, Colo. in 1994 as a home church planted with a team of six families. Under their leadership, The River has mentored and released five pastors and teams to plant churches in Colorado and Estonia. In 2007 the Tofts were employed by FMI to relocate to and serve in the Nordic region. In 2018, Brett and Tammy celebrated 33 years of marriage. They have four great kids: Ronnie, Joelle, Grace, and Shelby, plus four grandsons and four sons/daughter-in-laws.

Brett has worked with leaders and churches in the Baltic/Scandinavian region throughout the past 22 years, primarily to encourage and exhort pastors, and to help them clarify vision and minister effectively in their local churches. In 2006, Brett and Tammy accepted the invitation of FMI to plant a church in Copenhagen, Denmark, and to ultimately establish Foursquare churches in nations throughout the Scandinavian and Baltic region.

They established Serve The City, a mission to Tallinn, Estonia, as well as the Butterfly Project ministering to women victims of sex trafficking. Brett created and developed KWAM Europe, a discipleship intensive for 20-30 yr. old leaders across Europe. He also serves as an elder in the Fellowship of European Foursquare Churches. In 2018, he accepted the role of Assistant Area Missionary. The Tofts’ home base is now in the U.S., but they continue to work in Nordic Europe 3-4 months of the year. They are funded by the Foursquare Global Missions Fund. Your contributions here support the Tofts and FMI’s global initiatives.


Brett – May 18
Tammy – September 14

January 5

Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for the Baltic/Scandinavian region of Europe, one of the most secular regions in all the world. Humanism has rinsed the Gospel from its culture since the “Enlightenment.”
2. Please pray for people to hunger for God and His Salvation through Jesus Christ: We are initiating innovative efforts of mission to the “not yets” of the cities by church planting and through service projects, displaying the wonders of a loving and kind God.
3. Please pray and consider investing in our efforts to “break the spiritual ice UP NORTH!”