Name: Sam and Srey Yein Tolle
Country: Cambodia
Region: Southeast Asia

Sam and Yein Tolle serve in support roles to the Foursquare Church in Cambodia and FCOP (a ministry of Foursquare Cambodia to orphans and widows).


Sam moved to Cambodia in October 2010 on a two-year commitment and realized he had found home.  In 2013, he married his wife Yein, a Cambodian national, and together they work in ministry.  Sam volunteers full-time with FCOP, administrating projects and development goals as part of FCOP’s work with orphaned, abandoned and separated children and widows.


Yein was raised by FCOP and turned down career opportunities to pursue full-time ministry with the Foursquare Church in Cambodia.  She works as a volunteer at Foursquare’s National Training Center in the capital of Cambodia.


Sam and Yein have two beautiful daughters, Nora Grace (born October 2015) and Alina Joy (born July 2017).