Passion: Leadership Development
Country: Haiti
Region: Caribbean
People: Booker, John and Debbie

Quarterly Pastors/Leaders Conference
Three-day conference with special speakers, workshops, resources, and great fellowship, to give our Haitian pastors and leaders the tools they need to lead more effectively and to train others as they return home.

NextGen Leaders Conference
Two-day conference (following the pastors/leaders conference) for young adults, raising up a new generation of pastors and leaders to lead Haiti into this powerful time of national transformation as God responds to their cry for Him to “bless and heal their land.”

Project Budget (per quarterly event)
Six people per church (pastor and wife, two leaders, and two NextGen leaders)

$ 800  Travel
$ 800  Food & Lodging (4 nights)
$ 500  Resources
$ 400  Misc. expenses
$2,500 Total projected expenses

Note: Funds donated to the Haiti quarterly pastors and leaders conferences in excess of the need for this project will be used for the next greatest need in Haiti and for FMI’s work in Haiti.