Passion: Church Planting
Country: Poland
Region: Europe
People: Mielonen, Travis and Alexis

REACH Polska is about creating a movement of church planting, equipping Polish leaders to understand the essential heart and service to their nation and people.

Poland is a nation of 38 million people, with an additional 20 million living beyond its borders (through Europe and N. America), most statistics place just 3% of this population as born-again believers.

Our focus is to cultivate passionate Polish followers of Jesus who know they are RELEASED into reproducing ministry, EQUIPPED to do the work of the Church, AFFECTING their communities relationally, CONNECTING to God and people through a full worship experience of love and service, HONORING the Father, the Holy Spirit, the Son, and other people.

The REACH Polska project fund will be utilized to pioneer The Foursquare Church in Poland (currently not nationalized) and stewarded by missionaries Travis and Alexis Mielonen. These resources will help nurture key activities to grow and nurture this pioneer work by providing for:

  • Opportunities to attend training cohorts (such as the twice annual M4 church planting cohort)
  • University and city outreaches through volunteer work with Serve the City, which we have founded as a national nonprofit to help nonprofits and businesses work together on volunteer opportunities
  • Materials and resources for church plants as needed

A group of four leaders are beginning the first plant in Kraków Poland. This fund will help sustain the work until our sustainability goals are met, which is on a four-year plan enabled by the funding aspects of Serve the City.

Kraków has an annual university population of 250,000 students from all over Poland (and other nations). We see this as a strategic connection to plant churches throughout Poland by making new disciples and leaders of these students.

Monthly and one-time gifts are greatly needed to help make this project a reality. Thank you for your generosity and for sowing into this Kingdom work!

Most of all, please add us to your prayers and spread the word!