FMI Missionaries in History: Philippines

Tony and George Illauan (right in this photo with from left Vincente De Fante, Roberta Semple, and Aimee Semple McPherson) came to Angelus Temple in the 1920s as housekeeper and cook at the parsonage for Foursquare founder Aimee Semple McPherson. They attended L.I.F.E. Bible College (today called Life Pacific College) for six months, but they felt the call of God so strongly to return to the Philippines that Sister McPherson sent them to the mission field before completing their studies.

They returned to the Philippines on March 17, 1930, one year before this photograph was taken.

The Illauans were stationed in Malagasang in Manila and began the ministry there by preaching to their own family who were their first converts. They gave much time to the training of nationals, thus establishing new works in the Luzon district. While students in Bible College, they were trained to pray for the sick, and as a result, many in the Philippines were healed miraculously, astounding even members of the medical profession. During their years of ministry, the Philippine church became indigenized, raising up local leaders to take the Foursquare gospel throughout the region.

By: Steve Zeleny, Foursquare Archives.