Go Teams That Make a Difference

When a child was raised from the dead in Niger, Africa, a 95% Muslim nation,
a Foursquare “Go Team” in Richmond, Virginia rejoiced.

The short-term mission team (STM), organized by Senior Pastor Scott Jungers at Foursquare Life Church in Richmond, had just returned from a trip to the African nation where they shared the gospel and encouraged pastors and leaders who serve the largely unreached nation. The team ministered to a local pastor and his wife who were discouraged, speaking prophetically into the couple’s lives. Everyone in the room wept at the evident power of God as the Holy Spirit encouraged the ministers to continue serving their neighbors.

When news reached the pastor that the little girl had died, he was ready and with renewed faith, he prayed for God to raise the girl from the dead. God answered his prayer.

Scott Jungers believes in the kind of prayer that can raise the dead. He believes in the power of prophetic encouragement in the Body of Christ. He also believes that congregations in the U.S. can make a difference in a place like Niger, a nation where 21 million people still need to hear the gospel for the first time. That’s why he has led STM teams to Niger for the past three years.

“Niger is a little-known mission field, with only .6% of residents professing Christ,” Scott says. “It remains one of the lowest countries on the human development scale with more need than money can fix. Still, we are continually amazed at how fertile the soil is for the gospel.”

The Foursquare work in Niger has been accomplished mostly through Go Teams in partnership with Foursquare Missions International (FMI) workers, especially FMI Area Missionary Daniel Lucero. Daniel, who has worked in Niger for over a decade, invited pastors and leaders from the Northeast Atlantic District (previously the Mid-Atlantic District) to join forces and reach the people of Niger.

Short-term mission teams from U.S. churches, in partnership with FMI,
helped plant nearly 100 churches throughout Niger in three years.

Scott Jungers and other pastors responded by leading people from their congregations on Go Teams that also welcomed people from other congregations who want to serve globally but don’t have the opportunity for structured short-term teams.

Daniel’s invitation birthed a co-laboring of leaders resulting in nearly 100 churches planted throughout Niger in three years. Entire villages have trusted Christ and received the baptism with the Holy Spirit after hearing the gospel. “It has definitely been a work built on the supernatural power of God,” Scott says.

People from other Foursquare churches around the U.S. have responded to Go Team opportunities posted online and joined Scott and his teams in Niger. He says 50% of one team came from outside his congregation – people who didn’t know each other but wanted to share the love of Jesus with others.

“We have connected with churches who helped drill a well, build a training center, purchase solar-powered evangelism units and so much more,” Scott says. “The Foursquare family is changing a nation. How cool is that!”

“Partnership matters. Period!”  -Pastor Scott Jungers

The support of FMI Go Teams Coordinator Paul Greer has been invaluable to the process. Scott says Paul has helped with team planning, safety, insurance, printed material, and travel. Most recently, Paul and Daniel have helped Scott and his Go Teams plan for an indigenous national Foursquare church in Niger.

“It has been a team effort for sure,” Scott says. The learning curve he and his teams have faced has been steep and they are thankful for the experience of FMI leaders who helped them organize teams for fruitfulness. “It has been a blessing to be in a family with such a powerful and beautifully rich mission history.”

“Partnership matters. Period,” Scott says. Indigenous leaders in Niger host 3-5 short term mission teams each year, some with a medical focus and all with an emphasis on evangelism and discipleship. “Our home church has truly been all in from the beginning, but the network of support from other Foursquare churches has come through FMI.” Scott is grateful for the provision of Foursquare Missions Press in supplying free resources to equip STM teams and local leaders as they share the gospel in Niger.

“People in Niger are hungry for solutions and the answer to every problem is Jesus,” Scott says. “What better way to introduce them to Jesus than with teams of people who are compelled by His love to be there.”

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