2020 Short-term Trips

Dates and costs are subject to change and new opportunities are posted as they become available.
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Difficulty Levels

Each GO Team trip is rated according to the level of difficulty on a scale from 1 to 3, based on the work or ministry required of the team and the conditions they will encounter.

3 = Difficult: Cultural conditions (food, language) will be difficult, a translator may be required, food provided may be completely unfamiliar, living conditions may include sleeping on the floor, no shower for days, no Internet accessibility, irregular or no electricity; the volunteer will be stretched far beyond their comfort zone. This is not a recommended trip for a first time missions volunteer.
2 = Medium: Volunteers must be very flexible as the trip will not be predictable. Cultural conditions will be somewhat difficult, living conditions may be normal on some days, and difficult on others, translators may be needed and ministry conditions will likely be more difficult. Access to the Internet and electricity could be spotty at best.
1 = Easy: Difficulty level is low. The cultural and living conditions will be very easy. This trip is ideal for high school aged volunteers. Showers, electricity and Wi-Fi will be reliable. If a language barrier exists, it will not be difficult to bridge.


Niger, Africa |College and Career Teams

Difficulty Level 2
Dates: January 2020 (7 to 10 days)
Trip Cost: $1,500.00 + Airfare
Space Availability: 12 people

 About trip: Build relationships with an emerging generation of leaders. Cross-cultural gaps to introduce the Gospel to an unreached generation of diverse people groups.

Scott Jungers
Email: scott.jungers@fflc.org
Phone Number: (804) 564-5264


Managua, Nicaragua | Teams

Difficulty Level 1
Dates: July 1-10, 2020
Trip Cost: $1,000.00 + Airfare
Space Availability: Open

About Trip: Departure city, anywhere in the U.S. and meet in Managua and conduct training and orientation there. We do five (5) general types of ministry to encourage the Foursquare Churches in their mission to reach and disciple people: Medical teams, construction teams, children’s ministry teams, drama and evangelism teams, Bible distribution teams.

Jeff Lamont
Email: jlamont@nslk.org
Phone Number: (502) 387-4210

Panama Medical Team

Difficulty Level 3
Dates: 14 days (between July-August, exact dates TBA)
Trip Cost: $2,400.00
Space Availability: 17 people

About Trip: Departure city, Las Vegas, NV. The mission of this team is to provide the love of Christ in and through medical services offered in Panama.

Richard Farris
Email: rfarris@cornerstonelv.com
Phone Number: (702) 871-5050 #311

Jamaica GO Team

Difficulty Level 2-3
Dates: August 1-10
Trip Cost: $800.00 + Airfare from your home
Space Availability: 50 people

Our mission: Partner with the Jamaica Foursquare Church in their camp program. Team members will be used as devotional leaders, children’s workers, dorm leaders, etc.

About trip: At the end of the week you will be given a day off to tour beautiful Jamaica and shop in Ocho Rios and 2 nights in Deja Resort in Montego Bay. There will be an opportunity to attend a Jamaican church service on Sunday.

Cindy Berry
Email: iluvtopraisehim11@yahoo.com 
Phone Number: (813) 404-8353

Niger, Africa | For Teams

Difficulty Level 2
Dates: November (early in the month for 10 days)
Trip Cost: $1,500.00 + airfare
Space Availability: TBD

 About trip: Departing from Washington Dulles. We will be making disciples of the nation: preaching the gospel to many who have never heard, leading a conference and encouraging believers.

For applications and information about being part of establishing the gospel in this nation, please contact Scott Jungers (information below).

Scott Jungers
Email: scott.jungers@fflc.org
Phone Number: (804) 564-5264

Pastors and Leaders Trip

Difficulty Level 1-3
Dates: TBD
Trip Cost: TBD
Space Availability: 3-5 people max.

About Trip: George Cline, FMI Representative has been taking pastors on trips to Foursquare works around the world for years. This amazing opportunity allows pastors and leaders to get to the field. Whether you have never gone on a missions trip before, or are just wanting to connect to new fields, George will connect you as a pastor and leader to our area missionaries, missionaries and national leaders, and national pastors. Most trips are focused on pastors and leadership training.

If you are a pastor or missional leader and want to connect with other pastors and serve new fields, this is an opportunity for you. Many dates are in the planning stages; please use our Contact Form and select “Pastor Trips” to connect with us for more information.