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This year 7 million Americans will invest over $2.4 billion on short-term missions trips and relief efforts. As pastors and leaders, we want these teams to be eternally fruitful. We want them to count.

FMI offers training to help equip churches to partner well with our global family to win the lost for Christ.

We do not currently have training events scheduled and would love to work with local churches and districts to host a Short Term Mission Training (STMT) event in your area. Please use our contact form and select “GO Short Term” from the subject drop down menu to let us know of your interest in STMT events.

What to Expect at a STMT Event

Our primary training for STMT can be done in a full day and a half and we cover 8 modules of training:

Module 1 – History
History can be our greatest teacher. This Module gives a brief history of Foursquare Missions, Short Term Missions, and Short Term Missions within FMI.

Module 2 – Biblical Basis for Mission
The foundation of the Word of God is the only sure foundation. This answers the question of why we do what we do.

Module 3 – Global Trends in Missions
This module outlines current trends and statistics in missions today. What is the data telling the church and what adjustments need to be made in light of this information?

Module 4 – STM Leader and the Team Process
Short-term team leaders have a huge responsibility.  This module helps potential team leaders think through the process, offering practical advice on how to lead the team through the before, during, and after of a short-term missions team.

Module 5 – Foursquare Missiology and STM
Our Biblical Global Strategy empowered by the Holy Spirit has allowed us to enjoy having a large global family. Understanding Foursquare missiology and what stage a nation is in should directly determine what kind of involvement and ministry a church would choose to have in that nation or culture.

Module 6 – Disaster Relief and STM
How we respond to natural disasters and man-made disasters can be a great open door for the gospel. This module gives insight to how Foursquare performs disaster relief and how churches can partner with Foursquare Disaster Relief in a way that leads to long term development and recovery.

Module 7 – Security/Health/and Safety for Short-Term Teams
Safety, security, prevention, and liability are all issues that need to be given careful attention in short-term missions. This module outlines policies that help keep teams physically safe, physically healthy, and technologically safe.

Module 8 – Cultural Intelligence
Understanding the culture and worldview of a people group and learning how to adjust to effectively communicate the love of Christ is essential in short-term missions. This module gives insight into cultural differences and how to operate with cultural intelligence.

Specialized Training Options

  • We can also work together with groups of churches or districts to design customizable missions events that fit the specific needs or vision of missions in that area. Please contact us to discuss options.
  • If you would like to bring in a specific trainer or have someone come and speak on a specific missions topic please contact us and we will help set that up.
  • FMI can also help find missional guest speakers for a Sunday morning at your local church. Please contact us and we would love to help you.