Lessons from Nepal Earthquakes

What were you doing in April 2015 when 8,856 people died in Nepal earthquakes?

This FMI worker remembers. She and her family were in the middle of the chaos and crisis serving victims and survivors with the love of Christ.

Here is the lesson this servant of the Lord learned from a Nepal earthquake:

Reflecting on what has become known as ‘Black Day’ for Nepal, the only thing I can really think about is how hard our lives were literally rocked during that season. Experiencing what happens to an entire nation that was being devastated by earthquakes daily for almost two months straight has given me a whole bunch of good stories to tell, but it has ultimately changed me from the inside out.

It was awful.

No point in dramatizing it into some heroic fantasy. Holding a child who is on her deathbed is only easy to do when it’s in a movie and there is background music. It was awful in every way. But at the same time – because the Lord continued to pour His unfailing love out upon us – I got to hug that same child goodbye as she got up and walked back to her home, healed.

My heart goes out to the people and nations who are suffering from disasters, especially earthquakes, because I know what its like. It’s not just a couple of days sleeping under the stars…it is terror and death and hopelessness all around you.

It seems like it will never end and you are seasick as can be from the ground moving. But, we stand as a testimony more than a year later that there is an end and it will get better and you can get through this.

Go after it church! Whether you are in Nepal or anywhere else…love people.

By: FMI worker in Nepal whose name is withheld due to security.