Look What You Did Last Christmas

From the U.S. to Bangladesh and from Turkey to Kazakhstan, you reached out to kids at Christmas through your global missions agency, Foursquare Missions International.

unknown-1We asked you to help us sponsor parties for kids who have never experienced the joy of Christmas. You came through. Because of your partnership with FMI, we raised $32,290.83 for unreached kids as of January 15, 2017 and the offerings are still coming.

Our plan is to reimburse our FMI area missionaries and leaders in each area for Christmas parties they sponsored in 2016. Any surplus funds will be used to continue the outreach to kids who have never heard the gospel.

Thank you!

Together we reached thousands of refugee children who need to know the love of Jesus and the hope He brings at Christmas. We were able to provide these kids with a Christmas gift, food, and the true meaning of Christmas. In addition to refugee kids, we ministered to other children who have never heard the gospel. Be encouraged. God is at work in the lives of more than 10,000 unreached people around the world, because of you and because of the FMI Christmas Offering.

Testimonies from Children


Photo credit: Nick Onken

  • I learned today through this Christmas party that Jesus loves me and through His kindness we will get eternal life forever.
  • Today I heard about Jesus and that He is our only savior. In our religion we have many goddesses but none can say perfectly what will happen after our death.
  • These Christian children love me very much. That is not always true about people in my religion and from my village.
  • I enjoyed this Christmas party very much and now feel Jesus’ love in my heart.
  • Thank you to those who arranged this Christmas party and helped through the kindness of their hands.

Testimonies from Leaders

  • TURKEY – We hosted a Christmas party for 200 Syrian kids and invited a team from Egypt to present the gospel so they could share in Arabic without the need for translators. It was incredible. Every child heard the gospel in their own language and went home with a Christmas present!
  • BANGLADESH – One of our Christmas parties was for 300 children and adults who live outside the city – outcasts in society. We shared the good news from Luke 4:19 and watched a video about the birth of Jesus. Children said to one another, “The little baby is God!” It was satisfying to know these children received the good news.
  • KAZAKHSTAN – Our outreach to children at Christmas is a bit different than in other places. We show God’s love to nearly 150 children receiving treatment for cancer, and look for creative ways to help them find hope. This means our “parties” may be an encounter with one or two patients at a time, much more personal and challenging for a number of reasons but still highly effective.
  • MYANMAR – During one of our Christmas parties alone, 20 children confessed that Jesus is Lord and Savior! We are thrilled and will follow up with them in discipleship through our Saturday outreach programs in 2017.

Testimonies from the U.S.

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    Photo credit: Nick Onken

    Churches told us how excited people were about giving special offerings to sponsor Christmas parties around the world. Pastors asked if they could receive more than one offering to help us meet our goal.

  • A Foursquare church in Springfield, Missouri was inspired by the FMI Christmas Offering and hosted their own party for the unreached in their community. They shared the joy of Christ with 60 Congolese refugees and everyone who participated was blessed.
  • We heard from a mother in Aptos, California who told us that her children sold their toys at a yard sale and baked cookies for a bake sale so they could sponsor a party for unreached kids. “Thank you for giving my children the opportunity to learn and serve others,” she wrote.
God is using your partnership with FMI to reach the world for Christ.
Thank you for helping reach people who have never heard the gospel – until now!