It’s Who You Know

We’re looking for future missionaries who want to be equipped and sent. We would love to hear more about the people in your sphere of influence, and together imagine what could be. Share your information (not the person you know, but your own details), and let’s talk.

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Think about who you know.

We’re looking for courageous couples, brave individuals, skilled workers and daring families. Think: Who’s unafraid to follow God’s call, no matter the cost?

Be ready to send your best.

God may be calling those you’ve already equipped: the executive pastor, assistant, youth leaders, or even the big givers. Consider your best workers, too.

Tell us who you already know.

We’d love to talk with you before we talk with your people. You’re a mobilizer; we need your help. Fill out this form, and an FMI representative will reach out.

Wanted: Future Missionaries

We need people from all walks of life, all types of workers and all generations to bring the love of Christ into a nation for the very first time. If God is stirring your heart and you know someone who might fit what we’re looking for, tell us who you know. Then, let’s discern together what God has next for those whom you trust to take the gospel to transform lives and change nations.

Be Part of Mobilizing Workers to the Harvest

Whether you know someone or not, any of us can give to support future missionaries on their way to hard-to-reach regions. Give now. Select “Global Missions Fund.”

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