Name: Gary and Paula Hays
Country: Thailand
Region: Southeast Asia

Their mission is “Making New Young Followers of Jesus to Transform Nations.”

They train and develop leadership teams of local, passionate believers who work full-time to train, equip, accompany and mobilize local church teams.  LOCAL CHURCHES are trained to evangelize, disciple and protect children.

They have developed a series of GOSPEL CHILD PROTECTION workshops and outreaches which have spread into many other countries.

From 2007-2017, they documented over 118,000 children who have made decisions for Jesus.  Over 80% of them have entered discipleship.

Methods and strategies are based on Biblical, scriptural models.   Child Protection training for churches includes workshops and outreaches:

  • God’s Calling to Churches to Protect Children Workshop
  • The Biblical Rights of Children Workshop
  • How to Make a Child Protection Policy Workshop (including scriptural template)
  • Outreaches for Children–Empowering Children Against Abuse, Trafficking and Drugs (outreaches for preschool, primary school and secondary school age children).

Gary and Paula use innovative and creative cross-cultural models that can be contextualized to local communities and to other nations.

Gary – July 23
Paula – June 22

June 27

Prayer Requests

Please pray for wisdom, discernment, guidance, provision, health, favor and fruitfulness for our teams, for our partner churches in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, and the USA, and for churches and children worldwide.