Name: Ted and Sou Olbrich
Passion: Reaching Orphans
Country: Cambodia
Region: Southeast Asia

Ted and Sou serve the Lord as FMI missionaries in Phnom Penh.

Personal: Ted and Sou have four grown children and five grandchildren who all reside in the USA.

: The Olbrichs have been serving in Cambodia since 1998. When they went to Cambodia there was one small Foursquare Church. Today Foursquare Cambodia is one of the fastest growing national church works in the world with more than 4,500 Foursquare churches. In addition, Ted and Sou founded “Foursquare Children of Promise” and FCOP International. This organization is dedicated to seeing Cambodia come to holistic health in Christ.

Through the ministry the Olbrichs oversee, thousands of churches have been planted, and thousands of orphans are being cared for. During their 15 years in Cambodia, Ted and Sou have cared for in excess of 12,000 orphans. They currently operate 106 church/orphan homes with about 3,000 orphans in care. Widows serve as caregivers with a ratio of 1 to 5 orphans, thus fulfilling James 1:27.

Prayer Request
Please pray for the provision for FCOP orphans and continued growth of the Christian churches in Cambodia.

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