Name: Ken and Linda Stapleton
Passion: Leadership Development
Country: Czech Republic
Region: Europe

Ken and Linda are serving the Lord as FMI missionaries throughout the Czech Republic.

Both Ken and Linda are ordained ministers with The Foursquare Church. During their many years of vocational ministry they have served as assisting and interim pastors, church administrator, Christian education director, children’s ministry workers, and council members in churches of the Northwest District.

They made their first short-term ministry trip to the Czech Republic in 1994 and returned annually for three additional trips. They were commissioned as Foursquare associate missionaries to the Czech Republic and moved there full-time in December of 1997. They were subsequently appointed as Foursquare missionaries and have now served on the field for 17 years.

Because of laws regulating religious activities in the Czech Republic, they have been prevented from registering The Foursquare Church in that country but they draw their direction from words found on the cornerstone of Angelus Temple, “Dedicated unto the cause of inter-denominational and worldwide evangelism.” To that end Ken and Linda have partnered with indigenous churches to further the Kingdom of God in their adopted nation.

Ken – August 3
Linda – December 5

July 11

The Stapleton’s ministry includes training indigenous Christians in developing their gifts to better share the gospel. Some of their attention is focused on reaching the Romany (Gypsy) minority in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries, including helping to fund the translation of the Bible into their dialect.

Their daily routine includes partnering with a variety of congregations throughout the nation conducting community outreaches ranging from language development groups to youth activities, community dinners, public lectures and school visitations.

Annually they host teams and individuals from churches across America who come to serve short-term in local churches and at summer camps. They have just finished hosting their first long-term (3-month) intern-in-training and hope to make that process an integral part of their leadership development ministry.

Ministry Prayer Requests

  • Open doors into the hearts and lives of the Czech people who are the most atheistic nation in Europe. Pray for the defeat of the spirits of atheism, humanism, materialism and communism.
  • Divine inspiration and creativity in presenting the gospel to yet-to-believers and in developing Christian leaders.
  • Acceptance and favor with pastors, churches and people. Czechs, like many other European countries, are nationalistic and often hostile towards foreigners, including Gypsies. Break that divisive spirit.

Personal Ministry Requests

  • Pray that God will continue to abundantly supply all of our needs; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically (health) and financially.
  • Language acquisition: We have achieved a more than survival level of competency but we are still trying to become fluent.
  • Even though we’ve been married since 1970, living and working in close quarters (24/7), creates its own set of challenges. Please pray for marital harmony; that love, kindness and forgiveness will be our first response.

Become a Prayer Partner
We need faithful prayer warriors and intercessors to pray for us as we live and minister in the Czech culture. Your commitment to prayer will help ensure that we are protected and sustained. To become a prayer partner, please e-mail us.

Become a Support Partner
We are Partner Supported Missionaries and are responsible for raising 100% of our funding. Our partners are individuals and local congregations from across America, each sharing monthly what the Lord places on their hearts. Your giving helps us fulfill God’s call and mission in Central Europe, generally, and the Czech Republic specifically.

If God places it on your heart to help us financially in reaching this former Communist nation with one of the most atheistic populations in the world, please email us for details on how you can become a member of the team.

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