Foursquare Missions International is reaching the unreached

But we need each other to fulfill the Great Commission. Will you consider giving to this year’s FMI offering at Foursquare Connection 2022?

Partnering with FMI in 2022

Active on a global scale in 156 nations + territories, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) is your church’s connection to unreached people who have never heard the name of Jesus. With Foursquare Missions, you can plant the gospel like never before and take the hope of Jesus Christ to the farthest reaches of the globe.
With FMI’s many amazing avenues to help you carry out Christ’s Great Commission, you now have access to missions across the whole world, through people who are experienced in crossing barriers, trained in contextualizing the Good News for each culture, and practical in presenting Christ’s message of redemption and love to people in their own languages. 

Whether you’re going to the nations or your neighborhood, you and your church don’t have to go alone. Foursquare Missions is ready to go with you. 
And we are ready to bring you along with us to places God has placed on your heart, and to places you never dreamed. 

You Can Make a Difference

Right now, we are inviting you to partner with us to reach those often unseen places. Places where our Foursquare Missions workers sacrifice their safety, their health and even their own real names to take the gospel to people who haven’t yet heard of Jesus. Places where we help raise up indigenous disciples who become pastors and leaders, who risk it all to share the gospel within their own communities and into neighboring nations. Places where churches are multiplying, rapidly, despite persecution and pressure. Because people have found hope and healing in Jesus Christ.

When you give to Foursquare Missions, your support accomplishes two key things:  

First, it equips kingdom expansion. With FMI’s Global Missions Fund, you are part of taking the gospel to new nations, new peoples, and new opportunities.

Second, it equips on missional partnerships. We partner with locals. Think local pastors and members, national leaders and missionary workers, working together for the sake of the gospel growth and bringing God’s love for everyone to the unreached.  

The heartbeat of Foursquare Missions International is to bring the whole gospel to the whole world. But we can’t do this alone.

The reality is: We can only do this together.

Big Plans: Foursquare Connection Missions Offering

Starting now and concluding at Foursquare Connection 2022, our goal is to raise $100,000 for Foursquare Missions International to empower our missions workers and global churches to GO into unreached places, where the message of Christ has yet to touch and transform lives. 
We have big plans, where God is calling and our international partnerships are thriving. Places and projects like these and many more:

Establishing a church-planting hub in the Democratic Republic of Congo for ministry into Cameroon and unreached peoples of North Africa 

Equipping cross-cultural missions workers ready to be sent into diaspora communities across Central Asia to make disciples of Jesus Christ 

Mobilizing the next generation of Latin American missions workers to be sent to Arabic communities across the Americas and the Middle East 

Developing pastoral training with Foursquare’s Sinophone Network, our Chinese-speaking leaders ministering from Korea to Kazakhstan 

We’re taking a Foursquare Missions Offering at this year’s Foursquare Connection in Orlando, taking place May 30-June 2. Talk with your church about how you prepare to give big to this vision, already in motion, and join in. Or, if you’re ready to give now or can’t attend in person, visit and give today. 

Have questions? Let us know!

Your District Mission Mobilizer is ready to meet with you, take your calls, and resource you as we walk forward together. Thank you for partnering with the infinitely creative efforts of missions workers bringing the love + hope of Jesus to the ends of the earth.