Long-Term Missions

For those called for the long haul, discover how to start your missionary journey as an FMI worker.

Moving internationally as a long-term missions worker is no small task, but it’s worthwhile for all of us called by God to go. We will be with you every step of the way. First, explore how to get started with Foursquare Missions International (FMI).

Getting started

Identify a call for missions; know why God is calling you.

We are looking for dedicated and faithful Jesus-followers, with a proven track record of ministry service and making disciples. Below are some prerequisites we look for in a missionary candidate who’s preparing to go as an FMI Worker.

All applicants are required to complete the Perspectives Course as a foundation for missions training. Perspectives is an academic course covering the history and theology of global missions. This course is offered at over 200 locations nationwide or online. For more information, visit perspectives.org. While FMI will accept the completion of the key reading level, we highly recommend the certificate or college-credit level as well.

FMI would like anyone desiring to go minister beyond their country of origin to have cross-cultural experience, especially in their local community and/or in another country. Most U.S. communities provide opportunities to work with diverse cultures. Being involved in cross-cultural ministry at home can provide a wealth of experience for the mission field.

You must have a current passport, and have participated in at least two missions trips outside of the United States. FMI will be asking for feedback from your trip’s team leader as a part of your application process. These missions trips can be hosted by your church sending a team or by signing up to go as an individual with an already established team. If you want to join a trip with FMI, review our upcoming short-term missions trips.

FMI recommends that you begin language learning immediately. Language acquisition can be very time-consuming. When missionary workers already know the language prior to deployment, it helps them to better understand the culture of the people they serve and to minister more effectively.

Regardless of the job description, an FMI worker may be asked to speak at church, lead Bible studies, and disciple people toward Jesus. It is important that any workers, even those in ministry roles like administrative assistants or building contractors, have completed a basic discipleship course. For those desiring to plant churches, formal biblical education and/or previous church-planting experience in the U.S. are recommended.

To be sent on mission with FMI, you will be asked for recommendations, a background check, and an initial screening assessment with our team. Once this has been completed, you may be invited to participate in the next FMI CORE Training Cohort and to review and sign our policy manual. You will also need to be at least 18 years old and provide proof of valid U.S. resident permit or U.S. citizenship. To start this process, reach out to your District Mission Mobilizer and also reach out to FMI’s team with our contact page.

Missions workers wanted

Long-term missions

You know you’re called to be a missionary, whether or not God has given you a specific destination yet. We have global opportunities in evangelism, church planting, administration, business-as-mission, creative access to unreached peoples, and more. Long-term missions take a multiyear commitment. You’ll train with FMI, raise your own support, partner with national leaders where you go, and maintain relationship with the U.S. church that sent you. 

Mid-term missions

You are called to the mission field, and you’re committed for at least a few months. Then, you get to explore whether you’re called to stay or to return home. Mid-term missions are a good fit for gap years, internships, and encore careers. We have opportunities for students, retired ministers, professionals with specific skills (e.g. contractor, teacher), or anyone exploring God’s call. You’ll train with FMI, raise your own support, and partner with those already on the field. 

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