GO Teams: Short-Term Missions

Join or host a GO Team, geared for adults or students to be sent on a short-term mission with FMI and a local church. On a team or as an individual, go for as little as a week or as long as a year.

Before you GO

Get Insured

FMI highly recommends purchasing trip insurance as most insurance carriers do not cover costs incurred outside the U.S. We offer affordable missions insurance through our partner, available at the link below.

Where to GO

2024 Short-term Trips

Dates and costs are subject to change and new opportunities are posted as they become available. To find out more, please contact us

Difficulty Levels
: Each GO Team trip is rated according to the level of difficulty on a scale from 1 to 3, based on the work or ministry required of the team and the conditions they will encounter.

  • 3 = Difficult: Cultural conditions (food, language) will be difficult, a translator may be required, food provided may be completely unfamiliar, living conditions may include sleeping on the floor, no shower for days, no Internet accessibility, irregular or no electricity; the volunteer will be stretched far beyond their comfort zone. This is not a recommended trip for a first-time missions volunteer.
  • 2 = Medium: Volunteers must be very flexible as the trip will not be predictable. Cultural conditions will be somewhat difficult, living conditions may be normal on some days, and difficult on others, translators may be needed and ministry conditions will likely be more difficult. Access to the Internet and electricity could be spotty at best.
  • 1 = Easy: Difficulty level is low. The cultural and living conditions will be very easy. This trip is ideal for high school aged volunteers. Showers, electricity and Wi-Fi will be reliable. If a language barrier exists, it will not be difficult to bridge.


Jamaica GO Team

Difficulty Level 2-3
Dates: August 3-12, 2024
Trip Cost: $900 plus airfare from your location to Montego Bay
About Trip: Our mission will be to partner with the Jamaica Foursquare Church in their camp program. Team members will be used as Devotional Leaders, Children’s Workers, Dorm Leaders, etc. At the end of the week, you will be given a day off to tour beautiful Jamaica and shop in Ocho Rios and 2 nights in Deja All Inclusive Resort in Montego Bay. There will be an opportunity to attend a Jamaican church service on Sunday.

Team Leader: Cindy Berry
Email: iluvtopraisehim11@yahoo.com
Cell: 813.404.8353


Malawi GO Team

Difficulty Level 2-3
Dates: September 28 – October 12, 2024
Trip Cost: $4,400 + $100 application fee. Expect to also pay $200-$400 for immunizations.
About Trip: We will be working together with the Malawian Foursquare Church to reach rural African villages with the marvelous gift of the Gospel. Ministry opportunities include: evangelism, videography, prayer + healing, medical clinics, water well dedications, children’s ministry, camp cook, and more.

Team Leader: Chris
Email: chriseggleston0@gmail.com


Nicaragua Go Team

Difficulty Level 1-2
Dates: July 2-12, 2024
Trip Cost: $1,150 plus a $50 deposit and airfare from your location
About Trip: Children’s ministry, medical clinics, drama, evangelism, Bible distribution and construction. We will partner with the local Foursquare churches in Nicaragua to help grow their church and reach their communities.  


Panama Medical Team

Difficulty Level 3
Dates: July 18 – August 2, 2024
Trip Cost: $2,500
Space Availability: 15 people
About Trip: Departure city will be Las Vegas, NV. The mission of this team is to provide the love of Christ in and through medical services offered in Panama.

Team Leader: Richard Farris
Email: rfarris@livinggracelv.org  or Rfarris@foursquare.org
Phone: 702.493.4641


Cultural Immersion Trips

Difficulty Level 1-2
Dates: TBD
Trip Cost: TBD
About Trip: Visit nations with few to no churches, with a Foursquare Missions worker as your guide. You will have the opportunity to meet Foursquare workers in pioneer situations, as well as learn about and explore the local culture. You will gain an appreciation of what it takes to bring the gospel to the least-reached parts of the world. Reach out for more information on the next planned trip, as many are in the works.  

Cheri Dunnigan, FMI short-term missions coordinator
Email: cdunnigan@foursquare.org


Pastors and Leaders Trip

Difficulty Level: 1-3
Dates: Many dates are in the planning stages. Please inquire
Trip Cost: TBD
Space Availability: 3-5 people max

About Trip: Pastors and leaders, we’re excited to connect you with global missions! Whether you’re new to missions or looking to expand your connections, our team will facilitate introductions to global associate directors, missionaries, national leaders, and international pastors. FMI is dedicated to organizing trips to Foursquare works around the world. This opportunity allows pastors and leaders to experience the field firsthand and primarily focuses on pastor and leadership training. If you’re a pastor or missional leader eager to network with peers and serve in new fields, this opportunity is ideal for you. 

Cheri Dunnigan, FMI short-term missions coordinator
Email: cdunnigan@foursquare.org


Have specific questions? Contact our FMI team, and ask for short-term missions team coordinator Cheri Dunnigan.

Places That Have Requested and Need Short-Term GO Teams

So, you have your team. You know who’s going. You know what you can do. You are well-prepared and ready to minister in another culture in another country. But, where? We can help with that! 

Below you will find a number of requests which have been made by the field.  Consider these needs on the field and whether or not your church may be able to field a team that would meet these needs. If you would like more information on a particular short-term mission trip, please use our Contact Form and select “GO: Short-Term” to let us know.


Cote d’Ivoire

Construction teams needed. Helping a national work that is serving and sending out missionaries to a number of neighboring countries build and establish their headquarters. They also need classrooms for a new Bible school on their main campus. Partner with leaders on the field and help financially in units of $10,000 to see these projects completed.


El Salvador

Teams will work with Hope Chapel San Salvador for developing the church plant and will partner with other Foursquare churches in El Salvador. There are currently 14 Foursquare churches in El Salvador, the small Central American country nestled between Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. The ideal team is between 6 to 10 people. Larger teams are possible but require additional vehicles and workers to accommodate them. Having bilingual (Spanish and English) team members is extremely helpful.

Teams are available to visit year-round, however, the heat is milder from November through February and the rain is usually. not a factor during this time. June through October is the rainiest season and could affect outreaches and construction teams. Teams typically stay for between 10-14 days. Minsitry costs vary depending on the focus of the team. A 10-day trip will cost apporximately $750 per person plus airfare.

For more information contact Jared Mueller at: jmueller@foursquare.org

Ministry Teams: Teams will partner with Hope Chapel San Salvador and local missionaries to minister within the church and develop outreaches. Depending on the team’s skillsets there are opportunities for children and youth outreaches, evangelism, preaching, ministry workshops, and partnering with retreats or camps. Medical teams are possible but dependent upon team members with experience. There are currently three newly planted Foursquare churches in El Salvador as well as other areas in development. Reaching these areas with focused outreaches can help significantly with the labor in planting new works.

Rural and Urban Teams: El Salvador is very small, so teams are able to work in both the primary cities as well as the rural churches offering a variety of ministry opportunities and environments.



Help host a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for kids. We are looking for a team of about 10 people to come to Cork, Ireland, and support local churches and ministries with VBS outreaches into communities. Because this mission is mainly to children, it must take place during the summer months of June-August while kids are out of school. Ground costs are roughly $90/person, each day. 



Evangelism teams needed. There is an open door, right now in Japan, for specific ministry, and we need teams with teaching gifts. We are looking for evangelism teams to host Vacation Bible Schools (VBS), evangelism for children, youth camps, and English camps. We are also looking for Spanish-speaking teams to minster to a large, unreached Spanish population in Japan. Ground costs are roughly $90/person, each day. 



Business as Mission / business training and pastors for leadership development. There is a huge need to help train and mentor our pastors and nationals on ways to save and make money to fund ministry. Most pastors are working bi-vocationally to support their families and churches. We need specialized teams, with business and training experience, to come and serve along with our leaders. We also need pastors to come and teach leadership development and seminary-style biblical teachings to our national pastors who are so eager to learn more. 



Construction teams needed. Help build a number of new Foursquare churches, or repair storm-damaged roofs with projects that range from $5,000-$15,000. This would be a tremendous cost for this National Church, that has a zeal for church growth and development after having lived through many challenging years of war and Ebola virus. Now, they are rising anew and looking for partners.


Middle East (Arab Region)

Teams needed for refugee care, Bible teaching for all ages, church development, basic work projects, business as mission (BAM), East/West music exchange, biblical history tours, and/or sports ministry. Ideal team size is 2 to 8 people. Basic training in cross-cultural ministry is recommended. Teams would most be needed from March through November (dates to be approved). Ground costs vary, upon location; please inquire.  



Evangelism Teams Needed. Great opportunities exist for small teams of 2-5 people to minister, especially in helping with some urban church plants. Ground costs around $90/person, each day. 


United States

Cross-Cultural Ministry Team Needed.The International Hope Center (ihopecenter.com), a Foursquare ministry, hosts church teams to Hamtramck, Michigan, one of the most diverse cities in America. In Hamtramck’s 2.2 square miles, you will find 23 languages spoken, over seven mosques, a Hindu temple, Buddhist garden, and Eastern and Western churches. Teams will receive training in cross-cultural and urban training, exposure to the many cultures of Hamtramck, and hands-on ministry that may include ESL, neighborhood park outreaches, kids and youth outreaches, ministry to at-risk girls, community gardens and much more. Costs: $35/day, per person, for housing and program fees, meals extra. 


If you would like more information on a particular short-term mission trip here, please use our Contact Form and select “GO: Short-Term.”

Intern Field Opportunities

This category includes missionary workers that desire a one-year learning experience on the field or those that desire a role as an intern or for a gap year before applying for a full role as a FMI missionary worker or mission team specialist. A missionary intern meets the following criteria:

  • He or she has been a member of a Foursquare church for at least one year, or is a Foursquare licensed minister.
  • He or she has made a commitment of a minimum of three months (renewable).
  • He or she is sent out by a local Foursquare church, in partnership with FMI, as described in the sending agreement with the facilitating church.

To apply or ask questions, contact us through our Contact Form



  • Couple needed to manage a restaurant outreach in Tirana, Albania; 12 months; $1,000-$1,500 to be raised. 


El Salvador

Children’s and Youth Ministry Development and Evangelism: In partnership with Hope Chapel San Salvador, a church plant in the capitol city of El Salvador, the intern will help develop children’s and youth ministry for the local church. This intern will also have the opportunity to develop evangelism and outreaches for small churches in both the rural and urban settings. Currently ministries exist such as homework clubs, English classes, training in basic finances, “Ninos de Esperanza” a Saturday ministry which reaches at-risk children, etc. The intern would creatively seek to partner with these ministries and have the opportunity to partner with churches who do not currently have a strong children’s ministry or evangelistic outreaches.

  • 4-12 months
  • Costs are approximately $2000 per month depending on differing accommodation options
  • Conversational Spanish is necessary, fluent Spanish speaker preferred
  • Experience working with children and youth in church settings as well as outreaches
  • A heart to disciple
  • aAdaptability to work in hot climates and differing cultures between urban and rural
  • Creative abilities to develop materials
  • Basic abilities with video, media and editing videos would be a bonus
  • Preaching, worship leading, ministry skills

Development of Leader / Ministry Program: The work in El Salvador has one established institute as well as virtual opportunities with Foursquare Costa Rica and Panamá. However, we have not developed a cohesive plan for incorporating practical training and field work that translates into sending workers int he field (church plants, local churches), etc. We need to creatively meet the needs for leader training with the current demands and complications of life in the city. Utilizing the benefits of online classes, virtual cohorts and localized trainings the Foursquare Church in El Salvador is in need of coordinating these resources into a cohesive program that has a clear set of components desired, while maintaining flexibility for the different needs of our leaders, both rural and urban.

  • 4-12 Months
  • Costs are approximately $2000 per month depending on differing accommodation options
  • Conversational Spanish necessary, fluent Spanish speaker preferred
  • Christian education, and church structure
  • Heart to disciple and experience in mentoring others
  • Adaptability to work in hot climates and differing cultures between urban and rural
  • Creative abilities to develop materials
  • Basic abilities with video, media and editing videos would be a bonus
  • Preaching, worship leading, ministry skills

For more information on these three intern opportunities please contact Jared Mueller at jmueller@foursquare.org



  • Construction workers and experienced roofers; Strasbourg, France. Costs vary; please inquire.
  • Administrative support work (French required); 12 months; costs vary upon location, please inquire.
  • Musician/leader for worship group; 12 months; costs vary upon location; please inquire.
  • Theatre and Arts teacher; 12 months; costs vary upon location; please inquire.
  • Ministry team members in Nice, France. French required​ or the desire to learn French; 12 months; costs vary; please inquire.



  • Tokyo, Osaka; youth workers; 12 months; $3,000 to be raised.


Middle East

  • Arab regions; Arab cultural and language immersion, humanitarian/refugee care, business as mission (BAM), trauma mediation, Bible teaching for all ages, church development, biblical history tours, organization/hosting of short-term teams, East/West music exchange, sports ministry, and/or college study abroad.  Duration can include 2 months ($4,200 to be raised), 3 months ($5,000 to be raised), 1 year ($1,500/monthly to be raised), or 2 years ($1,500/monthly to be raised). All costs include travel, room and board, and Arabic language immersion. 
  • Seasoned/retired ministers, coaches and mentors needed. Can come for 2 weeks to over a year, anytime year-round (December-February limited). Expect to assist with (1) teaching and coaching FMI team members, interns, mission trip participants, expats, local Christians, refugees, and biblical pilgrims; (2) strategic church development; and/or (3) biblical study, Holy Land tours, and sabbatical opportunities. Costs: $1,500 (individual) or $2,000 (couple, or team of two) includes room and board, plus travel. 



  • Teacher helpers/teachers for a private school run by the headquarters church; 12 months; $600 to be raised.


New Zealand

Missions Immersion 2024

Designed for young adults aged 19-29, this 10-month program invites young adults to dive deep into both personal discipleship and missions training! Each participant will have regular hands-on experience sharing Jesus and making disciples in cross-cultural settings. This program requires a high level of responsibility, as individuals will be living and working within the community while they live out their mission.

Highlights include:

  1. Personal Discipleship focus on Emotional Health
  2. A 2 Week Missions Trip to a Pacific Island
  3. Completion of Foursquare Missions: Career Missionary Training
  4. Disciple Making Movement Training and Hands-on Experience
  5. Hiking and Exploring the Nelson Tasman region of New Zealand

For more detailed information and application access, please visit:



  • Flexible intern for children’s ministry. This internship would require a minimum of a 3-month commitment and a person who is bilingual. The intern would assist with children during events and would accompany or stay with children who require travel to other locations. This could lead to a long-term commitment. Inquire for more details. 


United States of America

  • Hamtramck, Michigan – Minister in urban environment with a nonprofit. 
    We are looking for interns to spend anywhere between one month to a year volunteering, learning and ministering with us. Interns will be involved in a variety of cross-cultural and urban ministry and will receive one-on-one mentoring. Costs are $900 for housing and interns fees, food and other personal expenses not included. For more information call Sarah at 844.442.8624 ext. 2, or email sarah@ihopecenter.com.
  • Hamtramck, Michigan – Earn college credit while in the internship program. Students can earn a full-year of college credit through our partnership with Northwest University. There is also an option to spend half the year of this program traveling and studying in Europe, North Africa and Israel. For more information, call Sarah at  (844) 442-8624 ext 2, or email sarah@ihopecenter.com, or visit ihopecenter.com.

Recommended Resources

Disciples of All Nations Video Training Series – Dr. John Amstutz – English | Español

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