Do we still need missions today?

Jesus called us to make disciples of all nations.
That commission isn’t over.

The Great Commission
is not on hold.

Almost half of the world’s population still doesn’t know Jesus as Savior. It is estimated that more than 40 percent of people groups worldwide today are unreached or “least-reached” with the gospel. Do we still need missions today? Yes!

Sharing God’s love to the nations

Many doors of traditional missions work are being closed. Persecution is on the rise. Fortunately, God is infinitely creative, and the Holy Spirit is empowering our workers worldwide with creative ways to bring God’s love to people.

For example, Business as Mission (BAM) uses the influence of international commerce to take the gospel to new places. Foursquare Disaster Relief brings Jesus’ hope amid the most desperate situations. In post-Christian nations, our workers apply innovative church-planting techniques. Worldwide, Foursquare missions workers engage unreached people—who have never heard of Jesus—by embedding themselves as part of local communities. Jesus stays the same, but the ways we can introduce people to His love are limitless.

We’re ready to go!

In our ultra-connected, globalized age, it’s an incredibly exciting time for missions. We are able to go to every corner of the world, to interact with more people groups, with greater ease than ever before. In many ways, from the internet to immigration, the world has come to us.

FMI is in a unique position to utilize its global network of indigenous leaders and churches worldwide to bring God’s love to the ends of the earth. Fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus gave His followers has never been more possible, more immediate. The question for missions isn’t: Why? It’s: Who? We need courageous workers to seize today’s opportunity, and go to all the world.

The world is waiting.
Are you ready to get going?