For Sending Pastors

Is someone in your church ready to go to the mission field? Your church can help send them with Foursquare Missions and maintain relationship as they go.

All missionary workers need a church back home

At Foursquare Missions International (FMI), we know the local church is vital to the success of every missionary worker. We may be the sending vehicle, providing the necessary training, resources, accountability and global networking. But you are their church family. Your missionary worker will need your care, wisdom and lovingkindness during their journey.

How pastors become senders

Your church’s role as senders

Because your church is not required to fully fund your missionary, as they raise their own support, churches of any size can send out a missionary worker through FMI. Your church leadership team can provide essential spiritual covering and care for your missionary worker throughout their assignment.

You matter to global missions

Bringing the gospel to unreached places is not an easy task. Your pastoral care, leadership and covering is a critical foundation for that mission. Contact us with any questions, or to introduce yourself. Also, learn more about the steps your missionary worker applicant will need to take with FMI, so as to best encourage them as they go.