Our workers are the front line of the gospel.
They need all of us to have their backs.

Breaking down spiritual strongholds.

Being a missionary is a difficult calling. That’s doubly true when that call is to an unreached people group or a region hostile to the gospel. It’s like you’re marching around Jericho, unsure if your efforts will actually accomplish anything, but press on. That’s where the rest of us come in. A concerted prayer effort for more workers and kingdom growth—to new lands and new peoples—breaks down those strongholds of darkness and leads to the victory Jesus promised us. Every time. We know our workers in the field are praying for that victory. We ask that you will, too.

Activism starts with prayer.

Pray for our missionary workers worldwide by name.

Prayer is only part of the job.

Join the disciple-making mission with prayer and giving. Give to the Global Missions Fund and support Foursquare missionary workers around the world.