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North Asia Youth Camp

In August, the North Asia Young Adult camp turned a tranquil South Korean mountain retreat into a vibrant hub of discipleship. Participants from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan gathered, creating a lively tapestry of cultures. The camp buzzed with a unique blend of celebration and sharing. From deep conversations to spirited cultural exchanges, over a hundred young men and women spent 3 days worshiping and learning together. Against the stunning backdrop of the mountainous landscape, friendships flourished, and spiritual growth ignited.

When you give to FMI, you help make it possible for young leaders like these to gather and grow together. In the past year similar camps and conferences have taken place in Europe, Central + South America, and Southeast Asia.

School of Mission in Côte d’Ivoire

Pastor Saint Clair was a student in the first class of the School of Mission in Côte d’Ivoire in 2019. Since then, ten leaders from his church in Dabou have attended the school, and each one has planted a church in the region. And the story doesn’t stop there! Five of those new churches have planted new congregations. In just three years, 15 churches have been planted. Pastor Saint Clair’s dream is to plant 100 congregations in one year.

Your faithful support of Foursquare Missions helps projects like the School of Mission get off the ground.

Young Leader Training in Ecuador

AWAKE events, an annual highlight in Latin America, empower young leaders aged 18-25, shaping a new generation of influencers. The latest gathering unfolded in Ecuador, drawing over 40 passionate individuals eager to refine their leadership skills. Amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Ecuador, the participants immersed themselves in a week of holistic development. The program featured uplifting worship sessions, insightful teachings, hands-on practical workshops, and moments of recreation, fostering a vibrant community. AWAKE stands as a beacon for cultivating leadership potential, offering a transformative space where the youth not only connect with one another but also discover their unique abilities to make a positive impact.

CORE Training in Detroit

Earlier this year, Foursquare Missions hosted a transformative CORE training in Detroit, marking the culmination of an 8-week online program for five aspiring missionary workers. CORE, an acronym for Connection, Orientation, Reflection and Experience, encapsulates the comprehensive curriculum designed to equip individuals for the challenges of mission work. The participants, having forged bonds online, converged in Detroit for a week of immersive training. This pivotal experience allowed them to connect on a deeper level, orient themselves to the mission’s core values, reflect on their personal growth, and gain hands-on experience. It was a dynamic and enriching week that laid the foundation for their future endeavors in spreading compassion and hope.